Petition: Demand a public hearing on lost confidence in four IndyPL Board members

A group of people holding signs against the Board and for Hayes at the March IndyPL Board meeting.

* Our center is hosting this petition crafted by a collective of community leaders and library patrons.

The April board meeting showed the public that Tribble’s dictatorship over the board is complete. Newest appointee, CEO of Diversity and Innovation Institute Dr. Luis Palacio , fell right in line with the anti-democratic faction. The April 24 board meeting made it clear that Board members Tribble, Biederman, White, and Palacio have lost the public’s trust. For months, they have refused to even consider the expansive and consistent support for Nichelle M. Hayes as IndyPL CEO by a series of contradictory lies. Those who supported the process and installation of Palacio and White serve the status quo, not the will of the people of Indianapolis.

This is not the end. The undersigned members of Indianapolis so move that the appropriate appointing bodies—the City-County Council and the County Commissioners—address our concerns that our public has no confidence in Board members Biederman, Tribble, White, and Palacio as it is apparent they are no longer willing or are able to properly discharge their duties as members on the Board.

We so move that a public hearing be made in this regard and proper efforts are made to include the public, by public notice with transparent and advanced notice of the location, date, and time of the hearing in accordance with Article IV of Section 5 of the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library Board By-Laws on the Removal of Board Members:

A member of the Library Board may be removed at any time by the appointing authority, after public hearing, for any cause which interferes with the proper discharge of duties as a member of such Board or for cause which jeopardizes public confidence in the member. A vacancy shall occur whenever a member is absent from six (6) consecutive regular Board meetings for any cause, other than illness, and the appointing authority shall be notified by the Secretary of the Board of the occurrence of such vacancy.

We must act now to stop Tribble’s dictatorship rule of the board and call for a vote of no confidence! Tribble, Biederman, White, and Palacio out now! We need democratic representation that represents the will of the people now! To add your name to the list, please fill out the petition below and circulate!


  1. Karla Lopez Owens, Attorney and Voter Education Chair, Indiana Latino Democratic Caucus.
  2. Eduardo Luna, Arte Mexicano de Indiana
  3. Michael Torres, IndyPL worker for 26 years experience
  4. Bree Flannelly, Artist and Advocate
  5. Tony Davis, Community Organizer
  6. Sarah Pfohl, Assistant Professor of Photography and Art Education Coordinator in the Department of Art & Design, University of Indianapolis
  7. Wildstyle Paschall, Community Advocate
  8. Jesse Brown, Director of Solutions Architecture
  9. Mahasin Ameen, Assistant Librarian
  10. Terri Jett, Professor
  11. Barbara Ann O’Leary, IndyPL Library Worker
  12. Amira Malcom, IndyPL
  13. Megan Hillier-Geisler, IUPUI PhD Candidate, Student Government President ’23-’24
  14. Sarah Cowan, Assistant Professor of Art History, DePauw University
  15. Jeremy Algate, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Mulberry Therapeutic Services
  16. Jared Anthony Grillo, Courier Creative LLC
  17. Elizabeth Johns, Central Indianapolis DSA
  18. John Moore, Urban Patch
  19. Stefanie Davis, Librarian
  20. Cambria York, IATSE 30
  21. Maddie Boyd, Indy Liberation Center
  22. ken rogers, auditor
  23. Elijah Wenger, USPS
  24. Hunter Shaffer, IATSE Local 30
  25. Lochlin Peters, Animator, Activist
  26. Connie Thompson, Indy Hope Packages
  27. Riley Park-Bove, Graduate Student — University of Indianapolis
  28. Robert Bennett
  29. Derek R. Ford, Associate Professor of Education Studies, DePauw University
  30. Serina Hayes, Library Volunteer
  31. Madyson Rane
  32. Alex Coyle
  33. Gabby Thomas
  34. Alex Walsh, Socialist
  35. Ahliah Bratzler
  36. Dayra Sanchez, student
  37. Laurie Coleman, Sr Financial Analyst
  38. Jackie Kelly, Former Library Staff
  39. Crickett Lane, Accountant
  40. Elizabeth Nelson, IUPUI
  41. Rachel Molina, MLIS Student at IUPUI
  42. Jason Jones, Communist Party of Indiana, CPUSA
  43. Shannon O’Donnell
  44. Mollie Beaumont, Former staff
  45. Everland Wells, IndyPL Hourly PS Assistant
  46. Noah Leininger, ANSWER Indiana
  47. Kelli Green
  48. Kathryn Burandt
  49. Sara Hutson, Hutson Psychotherapy
  50. Indya Peoples, Healing and Hope Restored, LLC
  51. Margaret Breidenbaugh, Library School Student, Indiana University-Indianapolis
  52. Richard Griffin
  53. Chelsea Senibaldi
  54. Ben Tracy, Software Developer
  55. America Banuelos
  56. Megan Lemons
  57. Karla Nowlin, Precinct Committee Person- Pike District #36
  58. Alison Phillips
  59. Jerrilyn Dixon, Healthcare Analyst
  60. Kayla Bledsoe
  61. Alex Nation
  62. Amy Grotland, DSA
  63. Anderson York, District Sales Manager
  64. Ashton Blunt, Central Indiana DSA
  65. Adam Stant, Chicago Newsguild
  66. Robert Hughez, DSA Is central Indiana
  67. Peter Gowen, Central Indiana DSA
  68. James Roundtree, AFSCME Retiree
  69. Denetia Woodruff, Community member/ US Citizen Resident of Indianapolis, Indiana
  70. Shelley Covington, Personal trainer/community activist
  71. Ryan Donnelly, Indianapolis Public Library
  72. Amber Powell, IndyPL
  73. Valerie Davis, Good Citizen
  74. Monica Rose Kiesel, Retired IMCPL
  75. Amanda Wolf
  76. Mashariki Jywanza, N’COBRA
  77. Emily Thomas, IndyPL
  78. Kevin Howley, DePauw University
  79. Margaux Duff, Salesforce
  80. Chelsea Yergens, Librarian
  81. Liam Bonner, Community Member
  82. Alyssa Luna, IUPUI
  83. Valerie Pfister, AFSCME Local 3425
  84. Chelsea Curl, The Cousins
  85. Jason Kehoe, Teacher
  86. Crystal Mitchell, Product Development
  87. Rachel Schwebach, Photographer
  88. Toree Peters, Trainer with Great Kids, Inc.
  89. Mikayla Yohe, Higher Education
  90. Spenser Kash, Therapist
  91. Jason Rayl, Internet Safety Evaluator
  92. Anna Comer, Graduate Student, IUPUI
  93. Nic Frame, Purdue University
  94. Irene Rosier, IndyPL employee for 41 years
  95. Lymari Quintana, Parent
  96. Hannah Milano, Field Service Engineer
  97. Tricia Frye, community member
  98. Zach Schalk, community member
  99. Lindsey Baker, Higher education
  100. William Dou, Worker
  101. Madison Sullivan, University of Washington
  102. Haley Belden, Digital Accessibility Specialist
  103. Jasmine Weems, IU Health
  104. Amy Shackelford, Social Worker
  105. Courtney Scott
  106. Rashida Greene, Indy PL
  107. Dallas Fites, Fundraising
  108. Matt Amos, Engineer
  109. Steven Grossi, Software Engineer
  110. Kirsten King, Law Student at NCCU School of Law
  111. Dana Reblitz, Teacher
  112. Kay Hawthorne, Community member
  113. Fannie M Cox, Alumna Indiana University School of Library & Information Science
  114. Alexander Geragotelis, Biochemist
  115. Mary Gen Davies, Chicago Public Library
  116. Sara Howe, Indy
  117. Josh Crain, IndyPL
  118. Josh Riddick, Black Church Coalition
  119. Louis Burgess Jr, UAW Local 23
  120. Justin Short, Research Chemist
  121. Tessa Sommers, HIV center case manager
  122. DeChelle Turner, Educator
  123. Brandi Metzger, Asante Art Institute
  124. Scott Murff, Digital Marketer
  125. Katherine Sorrell, IndyPL
  126. Gipson Schabel, IndyPL Librarian
  127. ellen brockmeyer, USDA
  128. Austin Long, Wheeler-Dowe Boys & Girls Club of Indianapolis
  129. Jo Burke, Sales
  130. Glenda Puckett, Lois Nelson Public Library
  131. Samuel Adams, National Lawyers Guild – Indiana Chapter
  132. Christian Sorrell, Writer
  133. Breanna Wynnn, DSA of Central Indiana
  134. Jeanne Baldwin, School adminstrator
  135. Claudia Gurrola, Consultant
  136. Marjorie Tucker, Customer Service
  137. Bryanna Barnes, IMCPL
  138. John Harris Loflin, Charles E. & Virginia P. Loflin Center on the History of the Indianapolis Public Schools
  139. Jacob Watkins, CPUSA
  140. Haley Sumner, Organizer
  141. Dorian Mays, Small business owner
  142. Christopher Lucas, X-Pression Books Store
  143. Marytheresa Mazzuca
  144. Sharon Berry, Retired
  145. Kyle Long, Journalist / DJ
  146. Christina Smith, Social worker
  147. Sam James, HR (Benefits Administration)
  148. Danielle Abdullah, Social Worker
  149. Akhim Abdullah, Project Manager
  150. Erin Ollo, REXEL USA
  151. Alexandra Lindsay, Purdue University
  152. Alyssa Storrs, Educator, Indianapolis Public Schools
  153. sarah spiewak, LCSW
  154. Claire Manfroy, Artist
  155. Alexandria Warfield, Teacher
  156. Todd LeGrand, Tax Payer
  157. RQuiya Ruffin, MLK Center
  158. Tami Pickett, Therapist
  159. Darren Chittick, Clergy
  160. Wesley Stevens, Editor
  161. Kaitlyn McKamey, Graphic Designer
  162. Lauren Wack, Social Work
  163. Zack Dunham, IndyPL
  164. Rainie Grant, Community Builder (JBNC), Organizer
  165. Clarence Pacelli, Artist
  166. Natalie Coffin, Law Student
  167. Nicole Comerford, Finance
  168. Alyssa Geisler, IU School of Medicine
  169. Tina Dillard, Organizer/Staff Representative
  170. Phyllis Bailey, AFSCME
  171. Nicole Wimer, Copy Writer/Editor
  172. James Benn, Performing Artist
  173. Marisol Gouveia
  174. Paul Moore, Indianapolis Public Library
  175. Alea Davis
  176. Georgia Cravey, Former librarian, retired, Central Library
  177. Christian Mosburg Davis, International Logistics
  178. Nancy Pew, Librarian
  179. Doris Jones, Party for Socialism and Liberation
  180. Shakeela Dozier, Barista
  181. Alexander Geragotelis, Biochemist
  182. Weston Bonczek
  183. Alenka Figa, IndyPL
  184. Donna Lucas, Library Patron
  185. Tamarria Fernandez, IUPUI
  186. Jo Burnside, Teacher
  187. Stacey Moore, Retired
  188. Jayne Walters, IndyPL Branch Manager
  189. Jess Frayer, Dog Walker
  190. Jonelle Chalmers, Lawyer
  191. Donna Mwaafrika, N’COBRA
  192. Musa Mwaafrika, N’COBRA
  193. Shaniece Payne, Student
  194. Breanna Wynnn, DSA of Central Indiana
  195. Henry Wolfla, IU Student Government
  196. Lynsey Smith, Project Consultant
  197. Sarah Lamb, Student
  198. Victoria Zetterberg, Dancer
  199. Adrienne Seely, Librarian
  200. Matt Amos, Engineer
  201. Kyle Long, Music Journalist
  202. Chi Blackburn, BLACKBURN
  203. Shauntee Simpson, BCALA
  204. Trina Terrell, Auditor
  205. Martha La Bounty, Librarian
  206. Arlene Mitchell-Pace, Human Resources
  207. Rachel Rodriguez, Business Owner
  208. Kamau Jywanza, N’COBRA
  209. Leon Bates, Historian
  210. Sirrea Whittaker, Trainer
  211. Charlene Cheatham
  212. Lyneca Sims, Former IndyPL Employee
  213. Chriss Scott, Delta Sigma Theta
  214. Kimberly Rusununguko, Social Worker
  215. Elizabeth Valencia
  216. Amy Crook, Patron
  217. Chris Strong, IndyPL Worker
  218. April Doner, ABCD Institute
  219. Clete Ladd, Indiana Council on Educating Students of Color
  220. Kayla Bledsoe, Community Organizer
  221. Amanda Bieber
  222. Katrina McGee, Nursing Student
  223. Timothy Jordan, Retired
  224. Weston Bonczek, Indianapolis Public Schools