New Liberation Store puts radical knowledge and art into the hands of the people!

Introducing our new store

We are excited to introduce our new digital and in-person Indianapolis Liberation Center Store! Here, you can purchase a wide array of revolutionary literature relevant to our times, some of which was written or edited by local organizers and activists. For those outside of Indianapolis or who can’t make it into the Center, we can deliver most of our items to your door, including books from publishers like 1804 Books, Iskra Books, and Liberation Media, and on topics like radical pedagogy and Black revolutionary thought.

You can sport and support the struggle for liberation through our unique merchandise like buttons and t-shirts that highlight the causes of our people. We also proudly promote the art of resistance by offering works from different poster collections, like Unsung heroes of Black liberation, Art for peace, land, and bread, and Alliance for Immigrant Justice. All art pieces are locally produced, professionally packaged, and currently available for pickup only.

Be sure to get the new edition of Ricard Becker’s Palestine, Israel and the U.S. Empire before our official book discussion and signing at Ujaama Community Bookstore May 29!

Struggle, study, serve

Commenting on the significance of our Center’s latest expansion, Ben Stahnke, Ph.D., a publisher and editor of Iskra Books, said:

“In an era where progressive and working-class struggles in the imperial core cohere around united front resistance to the genocidal actions of imperialism abroad—where, as Max Ajl has recently written, struggles in Palestine have crystallized ‘nearly every contradiction within the current order’—the need for an increased presence of local, in-person, radical bookstores and community spaces has never been greater. These spaces, in fact, constitute an essential position within the distribution chain of radical literatures. Expanding the presence of radical bookstores is not only crucial for the fostering of a robust, equity-focused community engagement, but for providing organizers, activists, and workers with accessible and affordable resources that both inspire and educate us on the theories and tactics necessary for success in our interconnected, crystallized struggles.”

Our Liberation Center has established itself and will maintain and grow our presence as a radical in-person community space. By expanding the digital presence with our online store we can better carry out, as Dr. Stahnke notes, expanding the presence of radical bookstores and our capacity to foster community engagement and provide this city’s inhabitants with the resources needed to educate and inform current struggles for liberation.

Our site’s slogan “struggle, study, serve” further emphasizes, in its simplest terms, the importance of the store. When you purchase from the Center, you’re making a contribution to the hub for our member and affiliate organizations and all working and oppressed people of this city. Your purchase allows you and your fellow community members to study and better serve our city, while making it possible for us to carry out our mission of revitalizing the sense of collectivity in this city to envision and work for a better Indianapolis and, ultimately, a better world.