“Do you feel what I feel?” Fourth Friday with India Hines and Dai Eades

Friday, June 28
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Fonseca-Du Bois Gallery
Indianapolis Liberation Center

The Fonseca-Du Bois Gallery, powered by Arte Mexicano en Indiana, welcomes a captivating show by India Hines and Dailyn “Dai” Eades to the Indianapolis Liberation Center as part of our Fourth Friday series, “Unleashing the creativity of the masses.”

“Do you feel what I feel?” is characterized by captivating colors and striking forms that hint at the rainbow flags waving in the air throughout our city this month. The rainbow flag continues to serve as a symbol of the LGBTQ community’s continued resilience and collective resistance. Hines and Eades bring people from our fragmented communities together, emerging from a reflection on their own processes of healing to illuminate the infinite shapes that life takes and the possibility of using the creative capacities and outlets that already exist for us to produce a world that accommodates that variety.

The doors to the exhibit open at 6:00 pm for an hour of socializing. At 7:00 pm, we will hear from Hines, Eades, and featured members of our community for a 45-minute panel about the work on display, the meaning of Pride month, and the role of the arts and symbols of shared identity in resistance.

About the artists

India Hines is a self-taught artist born in Denver and raised in Indianapolis. From a young age, India has viewed art as a vital outlet for their thoughts and emotions, always dreaming of becoming a full-time artist. They primarily work with ink, watercolor, and occasionally, oil paints. Inspired by spirituality and the power of the subconscious mind, India employs intuitive strokes and lines to create figurative faces using organic shapes. Their work reflects a personal journey of growth and healing amidst societal pressures, celebrating resilience, identity, and love.

Hines’ artistic process is deeply meditative, often beginning with a quiet reflection that allows their subconscious to guide their hand. This method results in pieces that are not only visually striking but also rich with emotional depth and personal significance. Each artwork serves as a narrative, telling stories of overcoming adversity and embracing one’s true self.

Dailyn Eades is an abstract painter and art curator. Dai uses a plethora of different textures and media, with acrylic assuming a primary position. Dai doesn’t minimize the tools that she uses in her process. Rather, Dai values creating through trusting the process by allowing every color choice, brush stroke, and texture to speak for itself. They aim to create work that reflects the complex array of emotions they experience. Thus, for Dai, creating has been healing for her inner child and allowing herself to “just be” while not overthinking. She utilizes art as a coping skill to navigate the world around her.

In her words, colors are the “most important part of the process.” She aims to use colors that reflect the feeling of basking in sunlight. Consequently, being outside is a large part of her process. Her best work is created outdoors, or surrounded by natural light. For this reason most of her work is created in the spring and summer. As she is based out of Indianapolis, the fall and winters are quite bleak. Yet, her art brings color to her life all year round.