Hope Packages: Building Unity through Solidarity

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Founded as a joint project between Indy10 Black Lives Matter and PSL Indianapolis, “Hope Packages: Building Unity Through Solidarity” is a volunteer-run and community-supported project providing necessary aid to people who are struggling in communities across our city. The project officially launched in January 2021, after several months of planning.

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Why Hope Packages?

PSL organizer Doris Jones, who personally survived homelessness multiple times and spearheaded the foundation of this project, put it best: “it is very important to help those in need who are less fortunate. These people have stories just like me. It’s important to stop overlooking those in need and start hearing their stories.” If it wasn’t for these services, Doris wouldn’t be the leader she is today.

Our class, many of whom are homeless, housing insecure, and chronically homeless need the essentials of life to survive day by day. It is essential to keep the momentum going by helping the poor as much as possible. This is not charity, however; it’s a project to build solidarity, provide political education, and raise consciousness and struggle by building unity across the diverse sectors of our class.

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Watch our project’s initial launch and assembly

Indianapolis’ radical media outlet, Critical Thought Critique, covered Hope Package’s launch and first assembly in January 2021, capturing the overall spirit, purpose, and significance of the project.

It is our duty to fight for our freedom!
It is our duty to win!
We must love each other and support one another!
We have nothing to lose but our chains!

– Assata Shakur