bell hooks’ “Cultural criticism and transformation:” Screening and discussion

Saturday, February 17
3:30 – 5:30 pm
Indianapolis Liberation Center

The first event of the Midnight Riot Media Club is coming up this month! Their inaugural event, hosted by the Indianapolis Liberation Center, is a screening and discussion of “Cultural criticism and transformation,” a film by radical activist, educator, author, and artist bell hooks.

Born Gloria Jean Watkins in 1952 to a working-class family in a segregated neighborhood, hooks wrote the 1981 groundbreaking feminist book, Ain’t I a woman: Black women and feminism, when she was only 19-years-old. hooks took her name from her maternal great-grandmother, leaving it in lowercase letters to downplay the role of her as an individual and foreground the collective.

Released in 1997, “Cultural criticism and transformation” is one of hooks’ earlier films that examines topics deeply pertinent to the Midnight Riot Media Club, which explores diverse social justice topics each month through community discussions that engage various forms of media.

The club prioritizes inclusivity by embracing various mediums, ensuring all participants can connect with the programming based on their unique learning styles and time commitments. Beyond intellectual exploration, the Media Club serves as a catalyst for community building and fostering connections among its members. Their work is a significant contribution to the Liberation Center’s cultural programming.

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