Our Mission and Vision

​​The Indianapolis Liberation Center is a physical and virtual community hub dedicated to advancing the causes of all oppressed and exploited people in Indianapolis and beyond by uniting and working to overcome the divisions imposed on us by the oppressing classes.

By engaging in regular and various kinds of educational, cultural, social, political, and other work, our mission is to foster a sense of collectivity and revive our community’s long-standing belief in the possibility and necessity of creating a new, better world.

Each of the hundreds of cultural and educational events, meetings, and workshops we’ve hosted since our founding in January 2021 supported collaboration between community members, organizers, and those who want to learn how to become organizers.

The Center is maintained solely by the work of volunteers and the donations of individuals in our community, our member organizations, and affiliated groups. While posing significant obstacles, it is the only way to ensure our complete political independence.

Learn more about the history of the Center here.