Focus Initiatives LTD

The Indianapolis Liberation Center is thrilled to partner FOCUS Initiatives LTD. FOCUS, which stands for Forever on Course United in Solidarity, works to meets the needs of our people and communities who were or are subjected to the carceral state in any capacity. At the same time, this is a means to the real end: eliminating the root cause of mass incarceration in the U.S.: racist capitalism.

FOCUS Initiatives has two interlinked projects: FOCUS Abolitionist Re-Entry and FOCUS Families Initiative.

Re-entry programs serve a vital need in our communities, attempting to help people leaving prison to rejoin “free” society. What sets FOCUS Re-entry apart is their orientation to move from addressing the immediate and long-term needs of formerly incarcerated individuals and their loved ones to abolishing the fundamental cause of mass incarceration: racism and capitalism.

FOCUS Families Initiative provides a direct support system for those with loved ones on the inside, helping them navigate the myriad, arbitrary, and punitive obstacles the Indiana Department of “Corrections,” and the mass incarceration system overall, use to isolate, demoralize, and dehumanize our people. They have support groups, financial aid and technical support, educational programs, and more. Like FOCUS Re-entry, the goal is more than helping individuals one at a time, but to do away with the underlying causes of mass incarceration in the U.S.

FOCUS Initiatives’ work not only aligns with, but adds a key ingredient to the Liberation Center’s collective mission of fostering a sense of collectivity and building the unity necessary for creating a world free from oppression, war, exploitation, and other ills of racism and imperialism. Those held in captivity are among the most oppressed and exploited and are certainly the most isolated sector of the poor and working class in the U.S. FOCUS: Forever On Course United in Solidarity!

Please support FOCUS as they continue realizing their vision!

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