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Our statement on the killing of Herman Whitfield

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The time for reform has passed. A shift must begin to engage deep care of community members in crisis: ensuring that they have adequate support for their mental health needs, that there are competent providers responding to those in crisis, and that the means to supply and exceed these needs is not excused away as a lack of financial resources when the reactive police force boasts a budget of over $260M but fails Black bodies in need.

Petition to close the loopholes and pass the Adoptee Citizenship Act!

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The currently introduced Adoptee Citizenship Act of 2021 is a clear solution to a simple, but devastating, problem. By passing it, all legally-adopted intercountry adoptees would be granted automatic citizenship regardless of the date that their adoption was finalized. It will also provide a pathway to citizenship for those who have already been deported.

Fascist assault on Indiana schools stumbles, public must keep organizing to fight back

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Although SB 167 has been pulled, a grave threat remains to Indiana schools, students and teachers alike. House Bill 1134, which passed out of the education committee with a “do pass” recommendation, is functionally identical to SB 167. Its passage out of committee means that teachers, school workers, students, families, administrators, and community members must organize rapidly to defeat the bill. Its passage would cause a massive worker exodus from a sector already suffering heavily from worker shortages, a death knell for public education.