From incarceration to inspiration: Vernon T. Bateman

As momentum builds on the campaign to exonerate Vernon T. Bateman, which started with an ongoing petition, an increasing number of community members from diverse backgrounds are reaching out to us with their support and resources to share.

This is episode 110 in Underdawg Talk‘s podcast series, where host Eric Jones Jr. interviews Bateman. Through this dialogue, Jones spotlights the remarkable resilience and revolutionary optimism that Bateman embodies. Learn more about this wrongly-convicted neighbor of ours. When we listen to Bateman explain when, why, and how he started writing children’s books, our appreciation of his hope and inspiration intensifies. We encourage everyone to get to know Vernon better through this enlightening dialogue that brings the contradictions between oppression and resistance into sharp relief.

Watch Jones Jr. chop it up with Bateman

One thing above all else is clear: Vernon T. Bateman is innocent and must be exonerated immediately! Do your part and sign and share the petition!

For a quick overview of the case, check out this Indianapolis Liberator article.

Featured photo: Screenshot from the interview between Jones (left) and Bateman (right). Credit: Underdawg Talk.