Free Shaka Shakur

A significant New Afrikan Political Prisoner, revolutionary organizer, leader of people’s struggles, revolutionary theorist, and movement builder, Shaka Shakur is a longtime fighter for the liberation of the Republic of New Afrika and all oppressed peoples. Shaka has been held captive by the state of Indiana since 2002, when they imprisoned him on trumped-up charges for which Shaka has already served his initial sentence. The real reason he remains a political prisoner is because of his central role as an organizer within, across, and beyond prison bars.

Visit, a website maintained by the Liberation Center, for the latest updates about Free Shaha Shakur and for an expanding database of Shaka’s past and contemporary works.

The unity of Free Shaka Shakur and the Indianapolis Liberation Center is a major step toward uniting the diverse segments of the oppressed and working classes. The division between those behind and outside of prison bars is one of the most drastic we must overcome. Right now, you can help Free Shaka by:

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