Free Shaka Shakur


Shaka Shakur has been held captive by the state on trumped-up charges of killing a cop since 2002. Because of his central role as an organizer within, across, and beyond prison bars, his incarceration is defined by neglect, constant disruptions, outright brutality, and worse. After the Indiana Department of “Corrections” tried to neutralize his capacities by moving him constantly between prisons, he is currently in “domestic exile” and imprisoned across the country at Beaumont “Correctional” Center in Virginia. A significant New Afrikan revolutionary prison organizer, leader of people’s struggles, revolutionary thinker, and movement builder, Shaka co-founded the New Afrikan Liberation Collective, organizes with IDOC Watch, and writes for Prison Lives Matter, among numerous other activities.

For the Indianapolis Liberation Center, this is a major step toward uniting the diverse segments of the oppressed and working classes, because the division between those behind and outside of prison bars is one of the most drastic we must overcome. Free Shaka Shakur joining our ranks and our Center joining theirs represents a significant advance in breaking down these physical, psychological, and political divisions and barriers.

Visit, a website maintained by the Liberation Center, for the latest updates and a more comprehensive database of his ongoing work!

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Liberation Center welcomes Free Shaka Shakur!

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