Cinema on the Avenue: “The Pendleton 2”

Wednesday April 10
6:00 – 8:00 pm

Madam Walker Theater
617 Indiana Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46202
Free Entry

Show up to watch the documentary The Pendleton 2 and participate in a question and answer session with directors TOO BLACK and THEKINGTRILL.

The documentary details how a gang of prison guards affiliated with the KKK, the Sons of Light, triggered a prison riot by beating Lincoln Love, a man incarcerated at what is now the Pendleton Correctional Facility. John “Balagoon” Cole and Christopher “Naeem” Trotter lead other prisoners in saving another incarcerated person from the Sons of Light and were punished with massive increases to their sentences. The racist prison guards have received no consequences for brutalizing their victims or organizing as a white supremacist group in their role as prison guards.

You can learn more about the struggle to free the Pendleton 2 at various places, including their defense group’s website (which has a section titled “their story“), a Liberation Center article from 2022 based on an interview with THEKINGTRILL (an IDOC Watch Field Organizer and documentary filmmaker), and an episode of Black Agenda Report Radio.