2023: A year uniting the people’s struggles

We’re amazed at what we, as a people, accomplished last year. Looking back as we start 2024, we are energized by the fact that, by collaborating through the Liberation Center, we organized, facilitated, supported, or led over 100 events and struggles. Our mission isn’t to increase the number of activities but to advance our mission and vision. Our mission is to function as a physical and virtual hub to advance the causes of all oppressed and exploited people in Indianapolis and beyond by building unity, threading different struggles together, and training a new generation of popular educators, empowered citizens, activists, fighters, and organizers. Our vision is admittedly vague (because it can only be produced collectively by the masses as a whole), but it is of a truly liberated world and city free of oppression, exploitation, war, and dispossession.

If you’re inspired by what you see in our video year in review, donate, become a sustainer, volunteer, or host your event at Indy’s liberated center! If you aren’t sure that there’s a place for you, trust us: there is and we will not only find a place for your existing capacities but where you can teach and, in turn, be taught by others–that is the power of collaboration!

Video: 2023: Entering a new phase of struggle