Rock out for Hope Packages!

Saturday, July 13
8:00 pm
State Street Pub
243 N. State Ave.
Door donation: $10

Rock out with Indy Hope Packages for a night of music, community, and solidarity! Featuring explosive no wave from iota, walls of harmonious pop sounds from Lee Lloyd, the rockin’ jangle pop of Hoodwink, and more!

This eclectic event at State Street Pub serves as a fundraiser for Hope Packages, which has, for over three years, provided necessary aid to people who struggling in communities across our city.

What is Indy Hope Packages?

Neither charity nor mutual-aid, Hope Packages it is a political project organized around an immediately realizable 10-Point Program. Our routine package assembly and other community events are means to an end, a way to build the solidarity and unity necessary for struggling and winning a city for the people, not the banks, real-estate developers, and corporations.

Hope Packages started as a collaborative effort of Indy10 Black Lives Matter and PSL Indianapolis. While these two organizations are responsible for stabilizing this crucial project during the ups and downs of the larger public’s interest in this kind of activity, over the past year it has grown into an independent organization operating under the umbrella of the Liberation Center.

In addition to our political orientation, another primary reason for our staying power is the sacrifice community members make when they contribute their time, energy, and financial resources to helping others and the movement. Our volunteers, organizers, and neighbors purchase items from our online wish list, which changes on a monthly basis. We have also informally launched a new Sustainer program where you can make regularly monthly contributions at a rate you can afford. This is key to taking our project to the next level, because it will enable us to shift our few resources toward expanding into new territories and opening new projects and away from scrambling for specific items on a monthly basis.

When you donate to Hope Packages, you’re not only helping our homeless and unhoused community members survive but also working toward a larger overarching project of transforming our city. Instead of giving hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to real estate developers and banks, we use your donations to directly address the structures and systems that cause homelessness.

Featured image: Edited version of a Ryan Dunn graphic.