Illuminating injustice: Community celebrates Vernon T. Bateman’s murals

On March 30, the community gathered on Mass Ave. to support Vernon T. Bateman as he unveiled his three new “Eclipse Murals” outside of The District Theatre that he gifted to the community, as well as two new paintings currently for sale and on display at The Frame Shop.

The video below showcases Bateman’s exceptional artistry and underscores his resilience and hope in the campaign for his exoneration. His optimism stems from widespread support by his friends, family, and the larger community, as evidenced through the words of his sister, Nora Bateman, and Indianapolis Liberation Center Organizer, Derek Ford. As Vernon Bateman reveals the deeper meaning behind the murals, his unwavering commitment to community, creativity, heritage, and justice becomes evident. Sign the petition to exonerate Vernon T. Bateman here!

Bateman takes community through his new art

Bateman speaks at Fourth Friday

The night before the “Eclipse” series unveiling, Bateman spoke at the Liberation Center’s most recent “Fourth Fridays: Unleashing the creativity of the masses” event. The GANGGANG and the Marion County Reentry Coalition exhibition at the Fonseca-Du Bois Gallery, powered by Arte Mexicano en Indiana, centers around a panel of five former prisoners telling their stories. For this showing, Bateman was added as a sixth panelist. Watch Bateman’s brief remarks delivered that evening when art and struggle merged seamlessly and as he prepared for the next day’s celebration.

Vernon speaks at “Perceptions”

Vernon T. Bateman, an artist and children’s book author, lost decades of his life because of a wrongful conviction, yet his spirit remains unbroken. He channels his experiences into helping others by, for example, creating beautiful artworks and thought-provoking children’s books that tackle issues such as bullying, gun violence, LGBTQ rights, and social injustice broadly.

Join us in the fight for a world where art and justice eclipse injustice!

Featured photo: Vernon T. Bateman explains the first mural in his eclipse triptych in front of The District Theatre. Credit: Indianapolis Liberation Center.