Symbols of the Intifada: Community art build for Palestine

Friday, March 22
6:00 – 8:00 pm
Indianapolis Liberation Center

For the past 75 years, Palestinians have fought to maintain cultural identity and sovereignty through a rich visual history of resistance. Symbols of their struggle like the olive trees, keys, and watermelon strengthen the global intifada and speak truth to the violent and racist occupation that Palestinians have been fighting against. 

When we evoke these images and bring them to the larger public, we are throwing this history in the face of imperialists and wielding our art as tools of liberation and solidarity. Attention and visibility are fuel for the movement. With our art, we preserve the memory of our martyrs, raise awareness of the genocide, and remind the United States and the state of Israel that the fight doesn’t end until Palestine is free. 

So get hands-on with the intifada and create some 3-D protest art for upcoming Free Palestine protests! We will be paper mache-ing cardboard structures of Palestinian resistance symbols that you can take home and paint for upcoming actions.

Paper Mache is a beginner-friendly art form that involves strips of newspaper and glue. It’s a collaborative, immersive art form that will give you the chance to connect with other comrades and bring some creative, powerful art to upcoming actions for Palestine!