The Indianapolis Liberation Center is all about building. Membership is open to all organizations, coalitions, collectives, and other groupings that want to build with others, struggle against oppression, and work for a better future. As a hub working to bridge the divisions historically imposed on us, we welcome groups working for justice for any oppressed, criminalized, dispossessed, exploited, or marginalized community in the city.

Working for liberation takes many forms, and we welcome groups that engage in all kinds of activities, including but not limited to: artistic and creative practices, education, mutual aid and other forms of outreach, and community building.

Membership also takes different shapes depending on the needs and capacity of the Center, the city, and your group. Whether your group has been in the trenches for decades, is newly emerging, or is still taking shape, we will all benefit from working more closely and collaboratively.

Join the Indianapolis Liberation Center!

Wherever you’re group is at or whatever your goal is, joining the Liberation Center starts with relationship building. If your existing, emerging, or potential group aligns with our mission, email us at and let’s start the conversation!

Be sure to include:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Your group’s name and history
  • A brief description of your mission, goals, and previous work
  • Why you’re interested in joining the Center