The power of collaboration and political independence: A week in the struggle

This past week was packed with inspiring activity in response to the latest Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people. The Center and our member groups helped organize, lead, and support every one.

At the same time, we hosted and organized a range of diverse events—from political direct-aid actions to cultural celebrations—while maintaining our routines like organizing upcoming events, hosting open hours at the Center, maintaining, writing, and editing our website, writing and reflecting on our actions and the movement as a whole, and continuing to furnish our new space.

The reason we’re able to accomplish so much is because of our primary belief: that cooperation and collaboration, not competition, is the essential—if difficult—ingredient needed for building a better city and world for working and oppressed people. Take a look at another snapshot of what we can accomplish together and help us finish our fundraising drive for our new space, which is your new space too

When you give to the Indianapolis Liberation Center, your money doesn’t go to a CEO and their administrative staff, to flights to hobnob with politicians, or for lobbyists. Your generous donations that keep our Center moving and growing make events like these happen:

Día de Muertos at the Eitlejorg Museum

The annual Día de Muertos event was back in-person after a brief hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic! The event was hosted by the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art and organized in partnership with Nopal Cultural, Consulado de Mexico en Indianapolis, and our member group, Arte Mexicano en Indiana. Those who attended were able to learn about the history of the Mexican holiday, see art, and celebrate with numerous performances!

Stay in the streets for Palestine!

The Middle Eastern Student Association and UNICEF at IUPUI organized a rally for October 20 to demonstrate solidarity with the people of Palestine as they struggle against Israeli occupation. The rally was supported by Jewish Voice for Peace-Indiana, Students for Justice in Palestine-Butler, and two of our member organizations, ANSWER Indiana, and the Party for Socialism and Liberation-Indianapolis. Hundreds of people came to the event, demonstrating that even in the “red” state of Indiana, the tides are turning against the genocidal Israeli regime and the U.S. politicians supporting it.

Hope Packages assembly

Hope Package volunteers gathered for the first time in our new space to help assemble packages for distribution. The energy at the assembly was great, as volunteers were excited to help their community and discuss what can be done to improve it. The group also released its new 10-point program, outlining 10 easily achievable demands that could immediately provide relief and stability for our city’s most poor and oppressed.

Hope Packages meets once a month to assemble packages. Ensure Hope Packages has enough to stock their kits by purchasing items from their wishlist!

Protest for Gaza!

On Sunday, October 22 the largest pro-Palestine action in recent memory covered the city center. The massive turnout of people denouncing the U.S.-Israeli genocidal campaign against the people of Gaza was called for by a group of local Mosques and supported by several groups that are members of or affiliated with the Center. That particular rally was organized around two demands:

  • Stop Killing the Innocent People of Gaza!
  • Free Palestine!

The movement isn’t dying down. We can’t let it. The Palestinian steadfastness is an inspiration. They haven’t been defeated, but to win they need our support!

Rally for Gary Harrell, slain by IMPD

Tuesday, October 16, community members entered the commercial building housing the office of Prosecutor Ryan Mears. Two weeks before, the office had locked its doors to the majority-Black group, stating that the employees were being made to feel uncomfortable. After repeatedly being denied access to their elected official to discuss the potential for prosecution of Douglas Correll, the IMPD officer who shot Gary Harrell in the back, killing him, the citizens gathered again to deliver a lawsuit against the owner of the building and against the Prosecutor himself.

The lawsuit claims that the landlord and owner of the building infringed on his first amendment rights by barring him and the community from conducting business with an elected official. The suit further states that the landlord appointed himself governor over a public official. The lawsuit aims to address the mental anguish caused, interfering with his business relationship with the Prosecutor, and argues the landlord didn’t have the authority to keep him from conducting business with the prosecutor.

Rally outside of IMPD station to call for justice for Gary Harrell.

We can’t do this without your support. Please help us cross the finish line of our fundraising campaign, get involved with our work, reserve the space for your own activities, and spread the word!

Together, we can take this city back!