FOCUS Initiatives: Abolitionist Re-entry

FOCUS, which stands for Forever on Course United in Solidarity, overall works to meets the needs of our people and communities who were or are subjected to the carceral state in any capacity. At the same time, this is a means to the real end: eliminating the root cause of mass incarceration in the U.S.: racist capitalism.

Re-entry programs serve a vital need in our communities, attempting to help people leaving prison to rejoin “free” society. What sets FOCUS Re-entry apart is their orientation to move from addressing the immediate and long-term needs of formerly incarcerated individuals and their loved ones to abolishing the fundamental cause of mass incarceration: racism and capitalism.

FOCUS Re-entry understands that people are incarcerated not for what they do, but for who they are. Political, economic, and social forces all contribute to determining how people are treated by the criminal legal system. Although individuals’ personal actions do often play some role in their interactions with the criminal legal system, the framework of individual guilt and responsibility fails to understand that the prison-industrial complex targets poor people for incarceration as a form of exploitation. We want to do more than simply help select individuals navigate the enormous and unfair obstacles the system places in their path upon release from prison.

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