Wrongfully convicted: Vernon T. Bateman’s fight for his-and our-freedom

Vernon T. Bateman spent 25 years of his life in prison for a crime he did not commit. Despite overwhelming evidence of his innocence and the alleged victim and their family pleading for his release, Vernon was imprisoned for over two decades and continues to live under monitoring and harsh restrictions. Even in the face of these injustices, Vernon remains optimistic, and his primary concern is always the well-being of others. This struggle for Vernon’s exoneration should by no means be understood as solely motivated by his personal desire for freedom. Instead, we work with Vernon to advance his cause with the purpose of striking a blow against the system which wantonly destroys the lives of innocent people just like him every single day.

This page exists as a nexus for all aspects of the struggle for Vernon’s freedom. Here, you can learn more about his life, his art, his case, and how you can support him. Be sure to get the new Free Vernon tees while they last!

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Featured photo: Vernon T. Bateman teaches about the original Tarzan, Ota Benga, through his painting, “The belly of the beast.” Credit: Indianapolis Liberation Center.