“This is the system:” Vernon Bateman speaks truth on new Underdawg Talk

On the Juneteenth episode of Underdawg Talk Podcast, host Eric Jones, Jr. spends over an hour with artist Vernon T. Bateman and Indianapolis Liberation Center organizer Derek Ford grappling with the absurd reality of the injustice system, the beauty of collective resistance, and the hope of freedom.

Jones Jr. was among the first to spotlight Vernon’s long struggle for exoneration of a crime he didn’t commit. Here, Jones pulls no punches in his questions, responses, and calls to action. Watch the latest episode, read its description below, and show you stand on the side of justice by signing and sharing the petition to exonerate Vernon now at FreeVernon.org!

“Breaking Chains: Vernon’s fight for freedom”

Welcome to the latest episode of Underdawg Talk with host Eric Jones Jr. In this powerful episode, Eric sits down with successful underdawg Vernon T. Bateman to discuss his harrowing journey of being wrongfully convicted and the challenges he faces even after being released from prison. Vernon shares his story of being in prison since 1998 for a crime he didn’t commit, his fight for exoneration, and the unjust conditions he continues to endure.

Despite facing immense obstacles, Vernon has channeled his energy into creating children’s books and artwork while in confinement. Join the conversation as Vernon and Derek Ford from the Liberation Center shed light on the injustices faced by individuals like Vernon and the importance of fighting for justice.

The episode delves into the emotional and mental toll of navigating a flawed system and the resilience needed to keep pushing forward. Listen to this eye-opening episode to gain insight into the realities of the justice system and the strength of individuals like Vernon who continue to fight for their freedom and rights. Don’t miss this raw and emotional discussion on the challenges faced by those wronged by the system.

Featured photo: Host Eric Jones Jr. (left), Vernon T. Bateman (middle), and Derek Ford (right) at the studio after recording the episode.