Indianapolis says: Free Palestine! Stop the U.S. war machine!

Photo: From a 2021 rally to defend Palestinians from the non-stop theft of their land, in this case triggered by the expulsion of Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah to make way for new settler-colonists. Credit: PSL Indianapolis.

On October 15, hundreds gathered in the center of Indianapolis, the capital of a “red state” to support Palestine. Indianapolis Liberation Center member-organization PSL Indianapolis, along with their comrades in Students for Justice in Palestine – Butler and Jewish Voice for Peace Indiana, took time to remember the lives lost and being lost in Palestine at the hands of the U.S. war machine. In this video, Rachel, a member of the Indianapolis branch of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, speaks out in support of the people’s resistance to oppression and genocide:

To help educate the masses on the recent origins of Zionism, which was founded as a racist, settler-colonial project, as well as the ongoing historic resistance of the Palestinian people, the Liberation School, along with Liberation Audio, has made an audio version of their 2009 book, Palestine, Israel, and U.S. Empire, freely available. Written without academic jargon by author and activist Richard Becker, the book provides a solid introduction to key events in the history underlying today’s current events.