Protest for Gaza!

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Sunday, October 22
5:30 pm
Monument Circle

The people of Indianapolis keep showing up day after day to support the Palestinian liberation struggle and to denounce the U.S.-Israeli genocidal campaign against the people of Gaza. A group of local Mosques has called for a protest this Sunday under the slogans:

  • Stop Killing the Innocent People of Gaza!
  • Free Palestine!

ANSWER Indiana and PSL Indianapolis are, as always, mobilizing to fully support the Palestinian struggle for national liberation in this city. We stand unconditionally in support of the Palestinian cause and unequivocally condemn all Israeli aggression and occupation. We support Students for Justice in Palestine – Butler University, Jewish Voice for Peace – Indiana, Palestinian Youth Movement, the Middle Eastern Student Association at IUPUI, and every group, community, and individual building this movement here.

The Palestinian struggle is our struggle

Each year, Indianapolis residents are forced to give almost $13 million to the Israeli military to maintain their brutal occupation of Palestine and conduct massacres like the ongoing assault against Gaza. Overall, Indiana residents are forced to pay over $51 million to do the same. That is money that could be invested in Black neighborhoods and communities, fighting racism and anti-Arab and anti-Muslim bigotry, transit systems, roads and sidewalks, public housing and food security, arts and culture, and so much more.

It is all of our duty to stand with the Palestinian people and demand that our state and federal governments fund people’s needs, not the war machine!