Become a Legal Observer & Support Pro-Palestinian Activism

Hosted by Indiana National Lawyers Guild (NLG)

Friday, November 24
10:00 am
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As violence against Palestinians surges, so, too, does Pro-Palestinian organizing and protest in Indiana. Legal observers are needed to protect the legal rights of protesters, monitor police response, and, if necessary, coordinate jail support for activists.

What do legal observers do?

  • Legal observers are the “eyes and ears” of the legal team.
  • They monitor and document police response to demonstrations; track demonstrators who are arrested; help coordinate jail support; empower demonstrators; and serve as a deterrent to unlawful police action.

Who can be a legal observer?

  • Almost anyone. If you can attend a demonstration and watch police and take notes, then you can be a legal observer.
  • You do not need to be a lawyer or in the legal field to become a legal observer; all you need to do is attend a training.

To find out more, register for a training!

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