Petition: Exonerate Vernon T. Bateman!

Vernon T. Bateman spent 25 years in prison, despite overwhelming evidence of his innocence and the alleged victim and her family pleading for his release. He is not yet free, with severe restrictions on his movements and he cannot even see his own grandson. Find out the details about Bateman’s wrongful conviction.

We, the undersigned, demand Bateman’s immediate exoneration:

Initial signatories

  1. Leon Benson, Author and Exoneree
  2. Petey McGee, Actor
  3. Kinsey Bussell, Marion County Reentry Coalition Associate
  4. Courier Creative LLC
  5. Nichelle M. Hayes, Founding Director of the Center for Black Literature & Culture; CEO of Hayes Consulting
  6. Jesse Brown, Indianapolis City Councilor District 13; Central Indiana DSA Member
  7. Indianapolis Liberation Center
  8. Soroya Garner, Soroya Garner Law
  9. Wildstyle Paschall, Community Advocate
  10. Nicole Emery, CEO Noble Owl

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