Indianapolis Coalition for Palestine calls for Indy to shut it down at Castleton Square Mall

Friday, November 24
3:00 pm
Castleton Square Mall

There is a growing global movement for a Free Palestine. Across the world, millions of people are engaging in demonstrations and organizing major marches in solidarity with Palestine. Our demands for an immediate ceasefire, cutting all aid to Israel, and lifting the siege on Gaza have broader support than ever. On November 4th, over 300,000 gathered in Washington DC for the largest march in in U.S. history to support Palestine. Protests with half a million people erupted on the streets of London, constituents across Canada occupied over 17 MP offices from coast to coast, and Belgian dock workers’ unions have refused to transport weapons by plane or sea that are destined for Israel. We must keep building momentum and increase the pressure with more marches, walk-outs, sit-ins, and other forms of direct action directed at the political offices, businesses, and workplaces that fund, invest, and collaborate with Israeli genocide and occupation.

Join the Indianapolis Coalition for Palestine for a rally and march at Castleton Square Mall this Friday, November 24. There will be no “business as usual” while the U.S. continues funding and supporting Israel’s genocide of Palestinians.

Organizers of the event will have additional information on specific Israeli products to boycott.