Write to comrade Shaka Shakur!

One of the easiest yet most significant things anyone can do right now, or today, is send a letter to our comrade and fellow freedom fighter Shaka Shakur. Shaka is genuinely interested in hearing the experiences, perspectives, and stories of his fellow human beings.

The point of the mass incarceration system is to isolate Black, Brown, indigenous, poor, working-class, and all oppressed people from each other. This has devastating impacts on those behind bars and on our ability to build a world without prisons; where we are all truly free. Thus, writing a letter to Shaka is a profound act of genuine solidarity.

Let Shaka know you’re thinking about him, that you stand with him, and that you are fighting—or down to start fighting—for him!

Write to Shaka


The most efficient way to communicate with Shaka is through email: shakashakur1996207@jpay.com. To do so, visit JPay to set up an account, and then add Shaka Shakur to your recipient list by searching for DOC #1996207.


You can also send correspondence via USPS mail at the following address:

Shaka Shakur #1996207
Beaumont Correctional Center
3500 Beaumont Road
Beaumont, VA 23014
United States