Shaka Shakur: The state of the struggle and our next steps

On January 31, Free Shaka Shakur, FOCUS Initiatives LTD. Reentry, and FOCUS Families held a special educational, political, and celebratory event at the Indianapolis Liberation Center.

Family, friends, and supporters of Shaka celebrated with perseverance as we reach milestones that bring him closer to home and freedom. We celebrated the advance of the struggle now that Free Shaka Shakur and FOCUS Initiatives, LTD. and others are collaborating with the volunteers and member-organizations of the Indianapolis Liberation Center. As more groups unite under one banner, we rededicated ourselves to freeing not only Shaka, but all political prisoners.

In this excerpt from the conversation, Shaka provides historical context we must understand today: that what we are doing now the revolutionaries behind bars were dreaming about 30-40 years ago. Our work is just beginning, however, and he discusses some of that collaborative work.

Featured photo: Queen Lewis of FOCUS Families Initiatives speaks on the panel after Shaka. Credit: Indianapolis Liberation Center.