Volunteer workshop: Petition our state for an abortion referendum!

Saturday, May 4
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Indianapolis Liberation Center

Despite widespread support for abortion among Indiana’s population, the state legislature passed laws banning it almost immediately after Roe was overturned. The people want widespread, affordable, and safe access to abortions! Because of this, PSL Indianapolis is launching a petition to demand that the City-County Council endorse a statewide referendum on abortion access in Indiana. This campaign will be a massive undertaking, so in preparation for it, we will be orienting volunteers on the abortion referendum and sharing tips and skills on performing effective outreach and getting signatures!

From the petition:

The Indiana legislature ignored mass protests and stifled public comment during the 2022 special session, instead pouring hours of time into crafting and debating a bill no one wanted. While they claimed to be acting in the interest of the people, they ignored numerous polls that showed broad support for abortion access by Hoosiers.

In the Bowen Center for Public Affairs’ most recent Hoosier Survey, nearly 60% of respondents stated that abortion should be legal in all or most cases. This is an increase from their 2019 survey, in which 48% answered similarly. That same year, 45% of respondents said abortion should be illegal in all or most cases; in 2023, that number fell to 37.5%.

It is clear that the State legislature is out of touch with the general public. In light of their failure to adequately represent the will of their constituents, we call upon our elected city officials to take action.

We need the people’s help to knock on doors, perform outreach, and get signatures supporting the referendum! Volunteers will be encouraged to learn what district they live in and their city-county councilor. We will practice door-knocking, outreach plans and schedules, and strategies and slogans.

Featured photo: An individual signing up for the Indianapolis Liberation Center mailing list. Credit: Indianapolis Liberation Center.