The right to vote: Demand a statewide referendum on abortion rights now!

The abortion ban passed by the Indiana General Assembly in August 2022 does not represent the will of Hoosiers, but a small group of far-right ideologues. The people of Indiana deserve to make our own reproductive healthcare decisions!

The Indiana legislature ignored mass protests and stifled public comment during the 2022 special session, instead pouring hours of time into crafting and debating a bill no one wanted. While they claimed to be acting in the interest of the people, they ignored numerous polls that showed broad support for abortion access by Hoosiers. 

In the Bowen Center for Public Affairs’ most recent Hoosier Survey, nearly 60% of respondents stated that abortion should be legal in all or most cases. This is an increase from their 2019 survey, in which 48% answered similarly. That same year, 45% of respondents said abortion should be illegal in all or most cases; in 2023, that number fell to 37.5%.

It is clear that the State legislature is out of touch with the general public. In light of their failure to adequately represent the will of their constituents, we call upon our elected city officials to take action. Senate President Pro Tempore Rodric Bray dismissed the idea of a referendum in 2022, claiming it was too “difficult” to craft such a question for the ballot. We reject this as the excuse it is. If it can be done in other states, it can be done here as well.

We ask the City County Council to stand not just with the people of Indianapolis, but with all Hoosiers who support the right to abortion. We, the working people of Indianapolis, call upon the City-County Council to endorse a referendum on abortion access in the State of Indiana. 

We demand a referendum! Let the people choose!

Endorsed by:

  1. Nathalie Hrizi, editor of Breaking the Chains
  2. Colin Jenkins, Hampton Institute
  3. Nicole Gruska, Coburn Place Housing Advocate
  4. Keli Foster, KY Health Justice Network
  5. Jodi Dean, political scientist and author of Comrade – An Essay on Political Belonging
  6. Hannah Hadley, Indy Gay Market
  7. Rachael Keown, Hideout Press
  8. Benjamin Tracy, Software Developer
  9. Erin Seacat, Artist
  10. Aubrey Whiteman
  11. Keta Franklin
  12. Alexander Geragotelis
  13. Haley Sumner
  14. Maddie Boyd, PSL Indianapolis
  15. Abby Wilson
  16. Stephen Sickmeier, Mover
  17. Casey Eichenberger
  18. Ryann Griesemer
  19. Laura Gardner
  20. Danielle Way
  21. Elizabeth Markert
  22. Evan Sennett
  23. Red Moore
  24. William Dou
  25. Dena Eades
  26. Sarena Breeden
  27. Whit Hohman
  28. Laura Eichenberger
  29. Veronica Ramos
  30. Lexi Niekamp
  31. Sarah Braceras
  32. Autumn Buksar
  33. Lucy Grondin
  34. Jared Moore
  35. Kinsey Jent
  36. Delilah Harris
  37. Jordann Phillips
  38. Justin Balogh
  39. Miracle Williams
  40. Angela Rivera
  41. Jordan Mattingly
  42. Rebecca Lugo
  43. Flannery Vaught
  44. Nate Gonzales
  45. Bria Martin
  46. Chelsea Heaven
  47. Jared Loper
  48. Kierstin Price
  49. Allison Beck
  50. Erin McCourt
  51. Christina Tincher
  52. Lily McClain
  53. Robert Erickson
  54. Brendan Ellis
  55. William Parrish
  56. Kiley Neal
  57. David Smyles
  58. Rochy Steele
  59. Aiden Humphery
  60. Camille Savage
  61. Gabriel Pemberton
  62. Jaidyn Bills
  63. John Williams