“Revolution is an act of love:” Webinar on protest and political prisoners

Wednesday, June 19
12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Virtual (register here)

The Indianapolis Liberation Center encourages all of its members and supporters to attend this event, posted by our member-organization Free Shaka Shakur.

The National Conference of Black Lawyers (the legal wing of the Movement for Black Liberation) and the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) Mass Incarceration Committee are hosting an important webinar titled, “Revolution is an act of love: Representing protesters and political prisoners.” This is an important topic for the Liberation Center, which is involved in a range of protest movements and whose member-organizations explicitly organize to free political prisoners.

According to promotional material for the webinar posted on X by Black Power Media, the webinar is “a discussion on the dimensions and the intersectional issues related to the representation of politically oriented clients. Lawyers, legal workers, organizers, and activists will provide theoretical and practical insight with a question and answer period to follow.”

Participants must register before the webinar, which will have panelists including:

The webinar ends a few hours before the Indianapolis Liberation Center hosts the nationwide launch of New Afrikan Political Prisoner Shaka Shakur‘s latest pamphlet, From New Afrika to Palestine: National liberation in context, at Dream Palace Books & Coffee. Shaka’s latest work will be available for delivery and in-store pickup this week!

For more information, contact the National Conference of Black Lawyers.