Surrounding the White House for Gaza: Watch the coverage

Eight months ago, the Palestinian people launched a heroic uprising that has radically altered the U.S. imperialist world order, of which Israel is a linchpin. The Palestinian people and their allies in the region haven’t given up, and neither have the people of Indianapolis! This weekend, thanks to the efforts of ANSWER Indiana and Students for Justice in Palestine – Butler, dozens of Hoosiers went to D.C. to represent all of us in the National March to Surround the White House for Gaza.

For those who couldn’t make it, BreakThrough News was there live, covering much of the march and rally that once again brought record-numbers into the streets in full support of Palestinian Liberation.

BreakThrough News coverage

After months of U.S.-Israeli genocide of the Palestinian people and weeks into the invasion of Rafah, Biden’s red line is nowhere to be seen. So on June 8, exactly 8 months into the genocide and the 54th anniversary of the occupation of Gaza, thousands of protesters will come together to surround the White House. Wearing red, and raising their demands high, protesters will show the world that the people are the red line. Watch our livestream from D.C. 12:00 pm ET as the movement for Palestine pushes for an immediate ceasefire and demands an end to the occupation of Palestine at Biden’s doorstep.

Surrounding the White House

Rally at the White House