Hill and Tribble respond to scrutiny with “360 evaluation” and double-down on censorship

Photo: One of many representations of the community’s lack of confidence in Tribble’s leadership. Credit: Indianapolis Liberation Center, Jared Grillo

Library lawyer and Hill propose to censor public comment

At an October 17 Indianapolis Public Library committee meeting, Library lawyer Robert Scott introduced an amendment “for reducing time limit for public comment from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.” Immediately afterwards, Greg Hill pounced on the possibility of further censoring the public and proposed a “maximum time limit for public comment,” according to the notes of the Diversity, Policy, and Human Resources meeting.

This decision follows almost a year of protests after the botched CEO search that resulted in the Board extending the offer to Gabriel Morley, a white man who quickly resigned as CEO of the New Orleans Public Library system after a news outlet discovered he was in violation of residency laws. This was after Morley and the other finalist, then-interim CEO Nichelle Hayes, delivered public presentations as part of the last stage of the search process. Hayes emerged as the clear winner, with Morley giving a barely coherent presentation that, it is worth noting, went 30 minutes longer than the allotted 15 minutes each candidate was given.

Fortunately, Morley declined the offer after the community made it clear we wanted Hayes and he was not welcome here.

The Board of Trustees appointed Nichelle Hayes interim CEO as a result of Ice Miller’s first climate study. This was after library workers and their community supporters kicked out the former CEO, racist Jackie Nytes, whose bigotry and discriminatory practices created a hostile work environment.

That continues today under Hill and Tribble’s leadership, as both have retaliated against employees who have dared to question their decisions and have bravely and publicly stood with the people.

Illegitimate CEO Greg Hill agrees to 360 evaluation

The current Library CEO was not hired as a result of a national search, nor any search for that matter. Hill was never interviewed for the position and, in fact, never applied for it! This, in part, explains his gross incompetence as reported by the Indianapolis Liberator earlier this month.

To try and gain some legitimacy, Hill agreed to a “360 evaluation” in which workers will have some ability to evaluate his job performance. (Former Board member Dr. Terri Jett attempted to implement 360 evaluations when Jackie Nytes was CEO). The 360 evaluation will likely confirm what library staff and patrons already know: Hill is not the leader we need.

Board wants to give Ice Miller more money to “finish” climate study that resulted in Hayes’ appointment as interim CEO

In their initial climate study, Ice Miller confirmed staff concerns that racism and the Indy PL’s toxic work culture started at the top of the organization. Again, the Board paid Ice Miller $150,000 for the study. Now, after ignoring the advice of Ice Miller’s first study—because it put a pro-people, pro-worker CEO in charge, the Board wants to give Ice Miller an additional $18,000 for a follow up study on their initial study in the hopes it will appease the community.

The community plans to fight back at upcoming Board meeting

The people spontaneously rose up after the Board didn’t appoint Hayes and engaged in a prolonged struggle that resulted in numerous victories. As the summer came and Tribble consolidated her power over the Board, a temporary stalemate emerged.

Now is the time to break that stalemate and reignite the struggle. They are taking our library away from us bit by bit. Ensure that doesn’t happen and let your voice be heard at Monday’s Board meeting! Although the meeting begins at 6:30, we encourage people to show up at 6:15 pm to sign up for public comment. You can find the agenda for the meeting here.