Phone zap: Stop a convention headlining a convicted killer cop!

Justice for Daunte Wright!

The Citizens Concerned About Police Action Shootings Coalition is launching a phone-zap campaign urging the Hilton Indianapolis to cancel the upcoming “Force in Focus: From Conflict to Cooperation” symposium organized by The Law Enforcement Training Academy & Consulting. The event, scheduled for May 7–9, runs counter to the real values community safety, justice, and accountability that the people of Indianapolis hold.

Why we oppose the symposium

The organizers claim the symposium will be “a vital platform for advancing constructive and inclusive discussions on the complex and divisive issue of the use of force in law enforcement,” and that they are “committed to fostering meaningful discussions that transcend political divides.” Nothing could be further from the truth, however, especially when we acknowledge that there is no political divide within the mainstream political establishment over the role of policing in a racist, capitalist U.S.

This doublespeak is corroborated by the keynote speaker who is highlighting the event: Killer-cop Kim Potter.

Potter, a former Minnesota police officer, was convicted of manslaughter after shooting Daunte Wright during a traffic stop in Minneapolis. The murder of Wright is not a singular tragedy but a regular occurrence throughout the U.S. That the gathering is highlighting this killer cop, let alone allowing her participation, speaks to the fact that they have no true intentions of achieving their stated goals.

With an intended audience of cops and prosecutors, the symposium only reinforces the same deeply-rooted practices of police terror against working-class and oppressed communities, particularly the Black community. Including a convicted killer cop as a keynote speaker tells us everything we need to know about the reality of this symposium.

What we can do now

We urge you to join us in our phone-zap campaign by contacting Joe Melton, the General Manager of the Hilton Indianapolis, to express your concern and demand the cancellation of the symposium. Below are the contact details and a script to guide your call or email:

Contact information:

Script for calls/emails:

“Hello, my name is [Your Name], and I am reaching out as a concerned [citizen/organization representative] of Indianapolis. I am [calling/writing] to express my deep concern about the Hilton Indianapolis hosting the ‘Force in Focus’ symposium from May 7–9, 2024. Beyond my reservations about the symposium’s limited perspective on law enforcement reform, I am particularly troubled by including Kim Potter as a keynote speaker. Her conviction in the tragic shooting of Daunte Wright is a stark reminder of the urgent need for accountability and community-focused reform in policing. This decision undermines the potential for genuine dialogue and progress. I respectfully request that the Hilton reconsider hosting this event to stand in solidarity with those seeking meaningful and inclusive solutions for justice and safety. Thank you for considering my appeal.”

Why your voice matters:

Your participation in this phone zap is crucial. Together, we can show the Hilton Indianapolis and the wider community that, instead of events like the “Force in Focus” symposium, we can and should have a symposium that brings to the foreground those directly affected by racist law enforcement policies and practices rather than pushing them to the margins. Join us in this action to demand that our public spaces not endorse or facilitate conversations that exclude critical voices from the struggle against racist police terror.