Let Gaza Live! Protest for Palestine at Monument Circle

Friday, April 19
6:00 pm

Monument Circle

Join the Palestinian Youth Movement, ANSWER Indiana, the Middle Eastern Student Association at IUPUI, YDSA IU Indy, and Jewish Voice for Peace – Indiana, to denounce our government’s role in the ongoing genocide, which in the current campaign has killed and injured tens of thousands of people and destroyed 62 percent of the homes in Gaza, an equivalent of destroying 1,798,375 housing units in Marion County.

The U.S. continues to aid and abet these war crimes. The Biden administration and the imperialist elite as a whole have outed themselves as the warmongering maniacs they truly are. They are just as guilty as the Zionist occupiers they fund. Without the constant supply of missiles, bombs and bullets paid for using our tax dollars, Israel’s killing spree would not be possible.

People of conscience in the United States must demand that all U.S. aid to Israel be stopped, once and for all, to make Israel’s campaign of genocide and ethnic cleansing unsustainable.

This is not a hope or a dream, but a real political objective that can and will be won. Due only to massive, sustained pressure from the streets, fractures are beginning to widen in the ruling class, with some prominent members of the government openly denouncing Israel’s actions as genocidal. With enough pressure, our ruling class can be forced to sever its ties with Zionism and retreat from its imperial project in the Middle East, opening the way for a truly free Palestine.

We won’t stop until Palestine is free from the river to the sea!