Make Our Library Public: No IMPD, Appoint Hayes, Remove Tribble!

Monday, April 24 @ 6:30 pm
Library Services Center
2450 N. Meridian St.


We will make our library truly public! Join us at April’s Indianapolis Public Library Board of Trustees meeting to demand:


Our community attends board meetings to share our concerns, input, and even demands. Yet the massive presence of IMPD cops at recent meetings reveals that one board member does not care about our community.

Corrupt and thoroughly discredited Board President Hope Tribble is spending public money to use the IMPD as her own security force without the rest of the board’s consent and without revealing how much of our resources she’s unilaterally using on this pathetic attempt to silence and intimidate us.

Tribble has repeatedly ignored the community’s demand that these agents of violence be removed from our libraries. Tribble’s tiny clique, it seems, is bound and determined to refuse any and all public demands.

Initially, the upcoming board meeting was scheduled at the Michigan Road Branch, feet away from where IMPD officer Dejoure Mercer murdered Dreasjon “Sean” Reed by tasing and shooting him to death. Reed was the first of three people to die at the hands of IMPD that night within eight hours. Ashlynn Lisby and her unborn fetus were killed by an IMPD officer driving 78 mph, and McHale Rose was shot to death just a few hours later.

Tribble apparently forgot that bloody night, but our community did not. We released a statement clearly identifying not only the geographic but the political connection between Tribble’s efforts to silence us and the role of the IMPD in repressing our city’s Black and working-class neighborhoods. Immediately afterwards, the Board of Trustees, with Tribble’s approval, decided to move the meeting to the Library Services Center. This is another example of who the real driving force of change is in this city: we, the people!

Join us to demand the removal of IMPD from Board meetings, the immediate resignation or removal of Tribble, and the appointment of the People’s Choice, Nichelle M. Hayes, as our Library Leader!