Liberation Forum: From Hollywood to Indy, workers fight back

Friday, July 28
6:00 pm
Indianapolis Liberation Center
55 S. State Ave., 3rd floor

It’s a hot summer for workers as union activity intensifies across the country. July’s Liberation Forum will focus on the ongoing Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) strikes and the likely UPS strike. Because July is Disability Pride Month, we’ll hear about the history of the disability rights movement in addition to the broad range of state AG Todd Rokita’s assaults on workers and his role in the new McCarthyism. Throughout, we’ll highlight how we in Indianapolis can join the global fight against exploitation, oppression, and militarism.

UPS workers have been gearing up for what might be the largest single-company strike of all time! We’ll discuss their looming or, by the time of the forum, ongoing strike, for a new contract. At the same time, on July 13 the Screen Actors Guild went on strike, joining the strike of their fellow workers in the Writers Guild of America. Around 160,000 SAG-AFTRA members are joining another 11,000 striking writers on the streets from LA and Atlanta to NYC and Chicago. Learn the causes, tactics, and history of workers struggles in the Hollywood industry.

Hollywood was also a primary target of the vicious state repression during the McCarthyite era of intense anticommunism. A new wave of McCarthyism–this time targeting China–is gaining momentum. Indiana’s Attorney General Todd Rokita is leading this charge in the New Cold War against China. But China is only one of his targets, which also includes LGBTQ people, and Black people. Does the fact that Rokita is attacking China as well as Black people in the U.S. mean that China is not our enemy, as he tells us? Join us as we analyze this pressing matter.

Disability Pride Month has been celebrated every July since the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Most do not know about the long-fought struggle for basic civil rights for disabled people. We will hear about the origins of the disability rights movement, some major victories, and the struggles to come.

Whether it is Hollywood and UPS workers going on strike, the increasing U.S. aggression against China, or disabled people fighting for civil rights, there is a part to play in the struggle! If you would like to find your part in the struggle and dare to invent a better future for all, join this month’s Liberation Forum!

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