How do we build solidarity with Gaza’s health sector?

“Apocalyptic!” That’s how the Special Rapporteurs of the United Nations are describing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Two and a half months into the war, the health system has collapsed completely. People are literally starving and communicable diseases are rampant. Humanitarian agencies are describing the situation as the worst they’ve ever seen. Fortunately, resistance to the war is growing the world over.

People are clamoring for an urgent ceasefire and in the diplomatic arena, including the United Nations General Assembly, Israel and the United States are increasingly isolated. All over the world, individuals and organizations want to express their solidarity with Palestine.

Health and health care are a human right and should be restored. We discuss what we can do to support the people of Palestine and, in particular, Gaza in their struggle for health with Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, Dr. Kamel Muhana, and Fiona Ben Chekroun.

Featured photo: Healthcare Workers for Palestine at the MESA protest on December 9, 2023. Credit: Indianapolis Liberator.