No holidays during a genocide: Counter Zionist propaganda in the streets

Sunday, December 24
11:00 am
Lugar Plaza, southwest corner
200 E Washington Street

Hit the streets this Christmas Eve with ANSWER Indiana and build consciousness around the Palestinian struggle for national liberation. When people hear how their fellow human beings in Gaza and throughout occupied Palestine are unable to celebrate any holidays because of the Israeli genocide, no amount of racist, Zionist propaganda can prevent them from understanding the gravity of the situation.

We will begin with a brief orientation and tips for effective outreach before spreading out in teams downtown to hand out informational materials and engage in informal conversations with the people of our city on the current crisis in Palestine, how it impacts us here, and how Palestinian liberation is bound up with our own.

Meet us on the southwest corner of Lugar Plaza downtown across the street from the transit center. Remember to keep an eye on the weather and dress for cold or rainy weather if needed!