Socialism in the U.S. study group pt. 3: Banking and agriculture

Tuesday, February 14
6:00 pm
Indianapolis Central Library
Room 311

Free, open to the public, and no prior reading required!

Join the PSL to discuss chapters 3+4 of our new book, Socialist Reconstruction: A Better Future for the United States. The first part of the discussion will deal with ideas for stopping climate change and mitigating it’s negative effects within an anti imperialist framework. Additionally, we’ll imagine the possibilities unleashed by ending the stranglehold of debt and finance capital, like creating housing for all, socializing work, and developing peoples banks.

Every successful socialist project must have a positive vision for the future of society. It is not enough to simply criticize capitalism; we must plan diligently for its overthrow and replacement with a system that meets the fundamental needs of people and the planet.

With the future of the world in grave danger due to imperialist war, climate change, nuclear proliferation and more,, there has never been a more pressing need to chart a socialist path forward and organize for a better society.

Mark your calendars, as we’ll continue this study group every other Tuesday at 6pm at the Central Library!

About the Book

A vision of the first decade of socialism in the United States. The diverse multinational working class has achieved political supremacy and is actively eliminating bigotry, racism, and national oppression as it expands economic, social, and political democracy.

“This courageous and visionary book provides a realistic and realizable socialist alternative to our decaying predatory capitalist civilization! It grounds a grand socialist reconstruction of the present US regime in our present sufferings and struggles, especially in the crucial role of an awakening of working peoples! Genuine hope trumps despair in this prophetic text!” – Dr. Cornel West

“Every project that is fed up with the failed capitalist system must develop a vision for socialism that builds the confidence of people that such a post-capitalist world is possible. Sharp clarity of thought based on experiments by people around the world defines this crucial book, a roadmap for our work.” – Vijay Prashad

“This book is a great political and pedagogical tool for everyone who dares to imagine the end of capitalism and oppressive structures in the United States. It comes at a crucial time and should be utilized by organizers as a conversation starter within every community in the US to explore the concrete ways in which socialism can and must be constructed as a real social, economic and political project.” – Claudia de la Cruz