Socialism in the U.S. study group pt. 4: Agriculture and infrastructure

Friday, March 3
6:00 pm
Top Out Café
1411 Roosevelt Ave.

Join the PSL to discuss chapters 5 & 6 of our new book, Socialist Reconstruction: A Better Future for the United States.

The first part of the discussion will explore the ruinous impacts of capitalist farming on people, animals, and the rest of the ecosystem, and how a socialist society can overcome these problems. The second part of the discussion will not only examine why capitalism is unable to solve basic problems around infrastructure and housing, but will also begin envisioning a future where these basic needs are provided for all!

Every successful socialist project must have a positive vision for the future of society. It is not enough to simply criticize capitalism; we must plan diligently for its overthrow and replacement with a system that meets the fundamental needs of people and the planet.

With the future of the world in grave danger due to imperialist war, climate change, nuclear proliferation and more,,there has never been a more pressing need to chart a socialist path forward and organize for a better society.