Shaka Shakur: “Revolutionary greetings to the Liberation Center!”

At the start of the new year, New Afrikan Political Prisoner and revolutionary theoretician and organizer Shaka Shakur sent a statement of solidarity and support to the Indianapolis Liberation Center. On January 6, Doris Jones delivered the genuine and inspiring words of Shaka on his behalf. You can read Shaka’s statement below the video.

We at the Center are committed to the struggle to free Shaka and all political prisoners. We are hopeful that, in early 2025, he will be at the Liberation Center delivering his own statement in the flesh!

We thank Shaka Shakur for his support and collaboration and look forward to what we can accomplish by building together and uniting across enemy lines!

Shaka Shakur Statement of Solidarity

Revolutionary Greetings,

My name is Shaka A. Shakur and I am a New Afrikan Political Prisoner, Prison Activist, Freedom Fighter and representative of the New Afrikan Independence Movement.

I recently was introduced to Derek and other comrades affiliated with the Indy Liberation Center and wanted to send a statement of support and solidarity.

I am impressed with the platform, goals, and the work that comrades at the Center is doing. The Center represents a base within the heart of the community that can assist in not only meeting the needs of the people/community, but also the forward motion of the overall struggle. Base building, cadre development, creation of self sustaining infrastructure, and programs etc. These are good examples and skills that others can not only learn from but also imitate.

I’m also impressed that a lot of the members are young people. People don’t realize that it is you and your generation that represents the silver lining in this struggle.

These are serious times not only in this country, but this world. It is you who will learn from the tactical and strategic mistakes that movements before you have made, it is you who will reject some of the old/outdated theory and rhetoric that is no longer applicable to today’s/social and economical reality. It is you who will redefine for yourselves how to defeat this capitalist/imperialist and parasitic system while creating new ways and methods of loving, healing, strengthening and supporting one another as we prepare to slay the beast!!

In Solidarity and Struggle!!
Aluta Continua!!
Forward Forever!!

Shaka Shakur