Rally and march: Justice for Gary Harrell!

Saturday, October 28
12:00 pm
34th St. and Parker Ave.

Gary Harrell was assassinated by IMPD cop Douglas Correll on August 3. Nearly 3 months later, despite consistent community pressure, the people have not seen any progress toward justice while Correll remains on a vacation paid for by our tax dollars. The community is calling for a mass rally and march to make it clear we won’t stand for this any longer!

Why should we wait? Since killing Harrell, the IMPD has killed several more people. Since August 3, we have reacted faster than the system, remaining more consistent and transparent than those who claim to “protect us.” On August 6, there was a mass spontaneous march followed by a vigil in the evening. Between September 5 and now, we have been active in our streets, communities, and media in pursuit of justice and answers. While we have been actively seeking justice, those in charge of the system have shown an increasing commitment to injustice, literally locking the doors to the County Prosecutor’s office.

We cannot rely on the same system that killed Gary Harrell for justice. As the cases of Eleanor Northington, Aaron Bailey, McHale Rose, Dreasjon Reed, Ashlynn Lisby, Herman Whitfield III, Michael Taylor, Joseph Rudolph Stiger, Kendall Darnell Gilbert, and too many others demonstrate, the system is not broken; it’s working exactly as intended.

Harrell’s murder is just the latest chapter in the War against Black America. We are going to make it the opening line in our long history of resistance. They want us to feel defeated, but we haven’t lost. On October 28, we’re going to show them that we aren’t going to lose.

No oppressor has ever liberated those they oppressed. Only when the oppressed organize and unite can we win real, lasting justice- not only for Gary Harrell and all other victims of the racist police state, but for every single poor, working, and oppressed person.