Tuesday: Community meeting with Ryan Mears to discuss justice for Gary Harrell

Tuesday, September 26
12:00 pm
251 E. Ohio St.

Douglas Correll, an IMPD police officer with a history of racist police brutality, lying, and false arrest, murdered Gary Harrell on August 3. Correll killed Harrell by shooting him in the back twice. Harrell was walking away from Correll, who didn’t give Harrell more than a second or two to “comply” with his demands.

The people immediately took to the streets in a spontaneous series of protests and a vigil organized by Harrell’s community and family. Together with Harrell’s family and community, we have unfortunately continued to struggle to obtain a simple meeting with our elected official, Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears.

Mears agreed to meet with us at our first action on September 6. However, he ended up sending representatives to deliver talking points and excuses. Undeterred, we have continued showing up every Tuesday to demand he do his job or, at the very least, tell us why he isn’t doing so.

Last week, Mears escalated tensions significantly by using armed police officers and a private landlord to keep the public out of his building and avoid any accountability.

We have always remained restrained and peaceful, carrying only our broken hearts, determination for justice, and demands printed on pieces of paper. What is Mears afraid of, and why did he utilize armed police officers and sheriffs to prevent democratic deliberation and dialogue? And what changed between the time he agreed to meet with us and now?

We are giving Mears the benefit of the doubt. We believe he will remain true to the word he gave the community on September 6 and that he will meet with us for a reasonable dialogue and discussion, answering our simple questions about the pursuit of justice for Gary Harrell and all victims of the IMPD.

Mears, we look forward to meeting with you this Tuesday at 12:00 pm. We even remain willing to take the time out of our day and travel to meet you at your office.

Further, we are willing to give you even more time to prepare for this meeting by providing topics of conversation. These include, but are not limited to:

  • How are you getting justice for Gary Harrell?
  • Why is Douglas Correll on paid vacation?
  • What are you doing to prevent the IMPD from taking another member of our community from us?