Urgent: Demand John “Balagoon” Cole of the Pendleton 2 receive medical attention

John “Balagoon” Cole of the Pendleton 2 is currently facing severe issues with his lungs and breathing. Despite his obvious need for help, Balagoon continues to be neglected by the prison holding him. Balagoon is an older man and is recovering from a tumor discovered last year, creating even greater concerns around his health. In order to get him the medical attention he needs, we need your help!

Please call Wabash Valley Medical and Indiana Department of Corrections (IDOC) to demand that Balagoon be allowed to see a doctor for his respiratory problems. Call Wabash Valley Medical at (812) 398-5050 ext. 0 and ask to be put through to medical. For IDOC HQ, call (317) 232-5711 ext. 0 ext. 2.

Callers are encouraged to use the following script:

Hello, I’m calling to demand that John Cole #14658 be seen by a doctor. Mr. Cole has complained about respiratory problems, including wheezing and coughing. The inhaler he was given has not worked. He needs to see a doctor now to prevent any further illness.

To learn more about the Pendleton 2 and get involved in their struggle for freedom, follow the Pendleton 2 Defense Committee!