Rally for justice for Jermaine Vaughn! Jail Sgt. Huxley and his cop accomplices!

Image reading "justice for Jermaine Vaughn!" on top 1/3 with an image of an anti-police protest in the middle, and text reading "Protest to demand Sgt. Huxley and his cop accomplices serve jail time for their crimes!" on the bottom third, with a logo for the Party for Socialism in Liberation on the bottom right.

Tuesday, May 16
1:00 pm
Community “Justice” Campus
Corner of English and Southeastern Ave

Organized by: PSL Indianapolis, Indy10 Black Lives Matter, Jesse for Indy, Black Liberation Party, and others. To inquire about co-sponsoring, contact us here.

On September 24, 2021, three IMPD officers went to arrest Jermaine Vaughn for the “crime” of speaking loudly on Monument Circle. One officer pushed Vaughn to the ground, holding him in place when bodycam footage shows Sgt. Eric Huxley walked over and “stomped” on Vaughn. While Vaughn was bleeding, a third officer folded his legs and sat on them. Rather than taking Vaughn to the hospital, they took him to jail.

Sgt. Huxley is now facing felony charges of official misconduct and battery. His trial will begin at the Community “Justice” Campus on May 16. Join us on the corner of English and Southeastern Ave at 1pm in support of Jermaine Vaughn and all other victims of police terror.

Join us to demand Huxley go to prison for his vicious assault on Vaughn! Our community won’t tolerate brutal cops on our streets and won’t let the IMPD protect him. Nor we will allow Huxley’s accomplices go free, Sgt. Christopher Kibbey and Officer Matthew Shores, who alone is responsible for more than 300 uses of force, 58% of which were against Black residents. Huxley’s accomplices must be indicted and jailed for their role in this egregious crime!