June 1: Statewide protests to stop Gov. Holcomb’s attacks on the unemployed!

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Tuesday, June 1 @ 5:00 pm

Indiana Statehouse

Ft. Wayne:
Allen County Courthouse

Terre Haute:
Vigo County Courthouse

Indiana and at least 20 other states have announced that they will end the $300-weekly expansion to unemployment benefits—a decision that will leave millions of Americans in danger of being unable to afford basic necessities. In Indiana, more than 170,000 people have relied on that stipend to weather the mismanagement of businesses and government during the COVID-19 pandemic, and another 70,000 gig and self-employed workers will lose benefits under the same plan.

Governor Holcomb falsely claims that the decision is meant to increase labor force participation after the pandemic, despite the fact that the unemployment rate had fallen to pre-pandemic levels by March 2020. Further, Holcomb’s decision ignores that many of the remaining available jobs offer starvation wages set at or near Indiana’s $7.25 minimum wage and virtually no benefits.

Beyond low wages, there are also 8 million fewer jobs across the country than before the pandemic. Turning down relief to those who most need it is cruel and unnecessary, and it ignores the needs of hundreds of thousands of our neighbors, friends, and family members.

Join the fight to protect the unemployed and demand democratic control of COVID-19 relief funds!

Organized by the Party for Socialism and Liberation and co-sponsored by ANSWER Indiana and the Terre Haute Democratic Socialists of America.