Dana Black interviews Jesse Brown, openly socialist City-Council DSA candidate, on “Turn Left”

Jesse Brown addresses the crowd at a Medicare for All rally and march to the City-County Council in November 2021. Credit: Bryce Gustafson

Jesse Brown, a current Indianapolis City-County Council Candidate for District 13, was recently featured on “Turn Left,” a local podcast and YouTube show hosted by Dana Black.

Earlier this year, in what one of the Indianapolis Liberation Center’s member-organizations described as “the biggest upset of the primary,” Brown defeated incumbent Zach Adamson by a 12-point margin.

Brown’s victory was remarkably impressive given that Adamson is a deeply-entrenched figure in the local Democratic Party establishment who has been on the City-County Council for a decade and has, for over five years now, served as the third-ranking Democrat in the city.

The significance goes further still, as Brown is an openly-socialist organizer with the Central Indiana Democratic Socialists of America who had never run an electoral campaign before. He won because the people support him and his politics, showing that the bottomless pockets of the mainstream corporate party establishments are ultimately no match for the power of the people.

The Indianapolis Liberation Center is hosting this “Guest Analysis” so our audience can listen to Brown and Huntington City-County Council candidate Scott Thornsberry in their discussion with “Indiana’s own” Dana Black.

Jesse Brown on “Turn Left”