GOLDEN MYST: Tarot art show by Daniela Martín del Campo and Gloomy Zauros

Friday, October 6
6 PM – 10 PM
Tube Factory Artspace
1125 S. Cruft St.

Arte Mexicano en Indiana and Big Car Collaborative are partnering to present the works by Mexican Artist Daniela Martín del Campo and Colombian Artist Gloomy Zauros. GOLDEN MYST represents a unique visual and spiritual experience, where chromatic limitation becomes a window to reflection and contemplation: the deep black of the ink, the shimmering gold and the immaculate white of the paper.

GOLDEN MYST is the artistic dialogue between two talented creators: Daniela Martín del Campo, outstanding Mexican children’s book illustrator, who surprises us with her ability to weave enchanting visual narratives. Her reimagining of tarot cards transports the viewer into a realm of meaning and mystery.

On the other hand, Gloomy Zauros, heavily influenced by metal engraving and etching, offers a different and fascinating perspective. His cards are meticulously crafted with fine lines and striking visual depth, inviting us to immerse ourselves in the symbolic layers of the tarot.

GOLDEN MYST is a tribute to the artistic diversity of Latin America and the richness of creative reinterpretation. Through the different techniques of Dan and Gloomy, this exhibition immerses us in a world of hidden meanings, graphic beauty and mysticism, taking us on a journey that transcends the boundaries of imagination and culture.

See the Facebook event for more details and the photo displayed above in original form.