Public workshop: Become a Liberation Center volunteer!

Tuesday, January 9
6:00 pm
Indianapolis Liberation Center
1800 N. Meridian St., Suite 305

Are you interested in making a concrete difference in this city and beyond? In building a community of resistance and learning from and working with a growing collective of people, networks, and organizations? Do you want to contribute to winning justice for victims of police brutality and the mass incarceration system, war and imperialism, the capitalist housing and education market, and/or racist CEOs and dictatorial government bodies by helping to organize rallies, facilitate classes and study groups, cultural events and art builds, and more?

At our first public volunteer workshop, you’ll hear from independent individual volunteers with the Liberation Center in addition to representatives of some of our member-organizations, including Free Shaka Shakur, Hope Packages, and our latest exciting addition we will announce that day!

The Indianapolis Liberation Center is completely staffed by volunteers, so whether you are a newcomer to organizing, have years under your belt, or are a veteran of the movement, you’ll make an important addition to our collective.

About volunteering

The collective thought and preparation before any event or action is what ultimately dictates its success. This includes thinking through the big picture of how the event fits into our vision of a liberated world, how it can best move us toward that world, and from there, down to the details of naming, explaining, and promoting it, coordinating logistics like speakers and sound systems, building relationships with partners we want to involve or think would want to be involved, producing graphics and other literature for public outreach in the streets and online, assembling materials like placards or setting up spaces, and countless other details. Without this careful preparation and hard work, what may seem like a foolproof idea can easily fail.

At our volunteer workshop, you’ll hear from a panel of new and seasoned Liberation Center members and volunteers who will present on how the daily tasks relate to our larger mission and vision, explain some of our ongoing campaigns, how volunteers contribute to existing work, how volunteers establish new projects for the Center, and more. After, we’ll break up into groups to orient you to the center, prepare you with some skills needed for volunteering, show the kinds of work we do there and, hopefully, you’ll sign up for a volunteer shift for the following week!

It is not required, but to register as a volunteer in advance, fill out the form below and mention that we’ll see you on January 9!