Free Shaka Shakur joins Liberation Center, building unity across prison bars

In a major step toward uniting the diverse segments of the oppressed and working classes, we are humbled and proud to welcome Free Shaka Shakur to the Indianapolis Liberation Center.

For the first time, Shaka Adiyia Shakur, a political prisoner held captive since 2002 on trumped-up charges, has a central base through which the struggle for the freedom of Shaka and all political prisoners in the U.S. can advance the struggle. There, you can find the latest updates on the campaign to free him and all of our comrades behind bars, his ongoing struggles to attain basic medical treatment for his cancer diagnosis, his significant theoretical contributions to the movement and the New Afrikan struggle, his writings for Prison Lives Matter, interviews on Prison Riot Radio, and other works by and about Shaka and the struggle.

A significant New Afrikan revolutionary prison organizer, leader of people’s struggles, revolutionary thinker, and movement builder, Shaka was politicized while locked up at the Indiana State Prison. As a result of his organizing, he was subjected to one of what would be many transfers inside his home state of Indiana and, eventually, across the country to Virginia, where he is currently confined by the state.

An organizer within, beyond, and across prison walls, Shaka co-founded the New Afrikan Liberation Collective and organizes with IDOC Watch, among other groups.

Visit now to learn more about his history and get involved in the movement to defeat the U.S. mass incarceration system! We also urge those who can to donate to his legal campaign.

The Indianapolis Liberation Center is further energized by the addition of Free Shaka Shakur and deeply optimistic about the dynamism they bring to struggle to realize the world we need and deserve. We ask all of our supporters to share and, if they can, sign up to volunteer for the movement to free Shaka Adiyia Shakur and all political prisoners by filling out the form below!

Get involved in the struggle to free Shaka!